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January 31, 2003 in Port Hueneme, California


On the 3rd year anniversary of the Airline Crash of Alaska Flight 261 off the coast of


Oxnard, California, the families of the 88 victims are dedicating the memorial monument.


With the support and cooperation of the City Council of Port Hueneme, a beach front


site has been prepared and will have completed construction by the end of this year.


The victims and the time of the crash will be memorialized with a monument of a


 massive sundial adorned with playful dolphins mounted on a raised concrete base.


The names and birthdates of all 88 crew and passengers who perished in the crash will


 surround the base of the monument.


Local artist Bud Bottoms of Santa Barbara, California designed the beautiful bronze cast


statue. The artist was selected by the family members from a group of 42 submitted




On Thursday, January 31, 2003 City dignitaries and invited guests will join the families


for a dedication service that will begin about 3:15 PM and conclude about an hour later.


The monument will be dedicated to those who lost their lives and will also be a


lasting piece of art for the citizens of the area.  The public is invited to attend.




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