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Wednesday August 29, 11:09 am Eastern Time

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SOURCE: International Aviation Safety Association

Lyn Romano Repulsed at FAA Comments Concerning Tougher Standards for Wiring

NEW YORK, Aug. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chairman of the International Aviation Safety Association (IASA), Lyn S. Romano, reacted angrily to the comments of FAA Spokesman Les Dorr concerning the broad-reaching recommendations issued by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada yesterday:

``I am repulsed that before the ink had dried on those recommendations an FAA Spokesman is alleged to have said that the FAA is unlikely to act on the TSB's recommendations,'' and she continued, ``My husband and two hundred and twenty eight other people were killed aboard Swissair 111. They all might be alive today if the FAA had taken aircraft wiring more seriously years ago. How many more people will be killed before we overcome what is 'practical' and focus on saving lives whatever the cost?''

Lyn's response was to comments by FAA Spokesman, Les Dorr, who was quoted as saying in response to the recommendations, ``We take it seriously, but we have to ask whether or not it is practical to implement.'' Lyn has requested a meeting with the FAA to discuss various aviation safety issues and now these recommendations. She intends to request a meeting with representatives of the National Transportation Safety Board who she hopes will aggressively pursue these recommendations in the U.S.

The announcement by the TSB yesterday includes what they describe as ``the inadequacy of aircraft wire certification testing.'' The FAA announced August 16, 2001 a new initiative to enhance the safety of aircraft wiring systems from their design and installation through their retirement, however, what was missing was any performance testing for aircraft wiring. According to Lyn Romano:

``The TSB has taken aviation safety to heights that I had never thought possible considering the complexity and controversy surrounding the crash of Swissair 111. I have been tirelessly campaigning for regulators, manufacturers and airlines to take these issues seriously. Now that both the TSB and the President's Executive Office acknowledge that aircraft wiring is a serious concern, it will be a very reckless person or organisation that treats aircraft wiring as anything other than one of the most serious threats to the safety of all those that board an aircraft.''

Lyn Romano, who formed the International Aviation Safety Association (IASA) in the wake of the September 2, 1998 crash of a Swissair operated MD-11 aircraft, continued:

``I take great exception to Les Dorr's comments that data is required from the U.S. civil aviation fleet before new rules are made. The Swissair 111 crash involved a U.S. manufactured and registered aircraft that was only seven years old. Does the fact that the crash took place outside the U.S. somehow absolve the FAA of responsibility?

``The only practical matter is saving lives. I dare anyone to tell me that even one human life should be put in jeopardy because the TSB's recommendations may not be practical to implement immediately. In my opinion, to not follow up on these recommendations is to ignore all those killed in aircraft crashes where aircraft wiring is suspected as a contributing factor.''

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SOURCE: International Aviation Safety Association

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