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Nov 21, 2000

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The International Aviation Safety Association Praises the 'Wire System Safety Interagency Working Group'

Jan 5, 2001

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IASA Looks forward to Appointee Norman Y Mineta Taking the Helm as Transportation Secretary
Jan 11, 2001

Ref: 01/01

The International Aviation Safety Association Urges Airlines To Disclose

the Specific Wiring used in Aircraft

Jul 5, 2001

Ref: 02/01

    Flight 352: The International Aviation Safety Association Offers Assistance

Aug 17 2001

Ref: 03/01

IASA Disappointed that No Provision for Performance Tests for Aircraft Wiring

Aug 29, 2001

Ref: 04/01

Lyn Romano Repulsed at FAA Comments Concerning Tougher Standards for Wiring

Sep 13, 2001

Ref: 05/01

Terrorist Attacks in U.S.: IASA Chairman Extends Support

Sep 02, 2002

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IASA Statement Regarding Kenyon International Emergency Services, U.S.A.
Mar 27, 2003

Ref: 01/03

IASA Statement on the Occasion of the TSB Final Report on Swissair 111's Accident


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