RoboLander was a 12 Sep 01 concept borne of the tragic events shown unfolding in the images on this menu page. It is hoped that it might eventually be developed so that such events can never occur again.

These pages will be updated progressively

  RoboLander - the main concept  (an Exposition)   (12 Sep 01 ) 13 Oct 01
  Robolander - FAQ's and responses to queries  
  RoboLander Reliability - Redundancy, Reliability, Fall-Back Modes and the Potential for Failure 15 Oct 01
  Some Answers for Questions Posed by BlueCoaters  (msWord)   (alternatively in rich text or htm format)  
  Will RoboLander Fly? (some reasons why) 14 Oct 01
  Compare Non-Lethal Weapons Proposals with RoboLander 15 Oct 01
  Text of President Bush's Airline Security Speech of 28 Sep 01  (advocating a look at a RoboLander Solution)  
  DGPS as an alternative to ILS Autoland  
  Another Important Reason why RoboLander is an idea whose time has come.  
  The Raytheon Flight Trials of 01 Oct 01 (and FAA Trials of 1994) 19 Oct 01
  The Great Debate  
  Informed  Debate  
  Pilot Forum  Discussion - ONE  
  Pilot Forum  Discussion - TWO  
  Behind Closed Doors  
  That Further Bastion  ( a justification for RoboLander) [in rich text format]  
  Classic Airliner Technology Developments   (which tend to support the RoboLander Concept)  
  GUNs, GUNs, GUNs  (a discussion on armed pilots) The Cell-phone Gun (528kb mpeg movie)  
  The History of Technological Advances in Times of War (what's been left out?)  
  Stun Guns (A solution or a potential Problem?)  
  High-speed satellite communications service for aeronautical users  
  Plastic Knives (slow loading large detailed graphic)  
  The Vulnerability of GPS  467kb      [in abstract]  
  Some Background on WAAS and DGPS  
  NATCA Opinion (newspaper Reportage)  
  What the JAR says about fail-operational mode 19 Oct 01
  A RoboLander Precursor Technology 15 Oct 01
  Unanswered RoboLander FAQ's  
  Chicago Tribune [et al] on the RoboLander Concept  
  A RoboLander Lookalike by Honeywell 04 Nov 01
  Download RoboLander main Concept in MSWord 2000 Doc Format   

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