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September 11, 2001

Brisbane, Australia,—ARINC today announced that Inmarsat's new Swift64, the high-speed satellite communications service for aeronautical users, will be the newest offering of the GLOBALink/InFlight services. Swift64 will provide 64 kilobit clear-channel mobile Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) beginning in the second quarter, 2002. A 64-kilobit shared-channel Mobile Packet Data Service (MPDS) will be available in the second half of 2002. Users can enjoy benefits of their current Aero-H/H+ service in parallel with high-speed Swift64 service for e-mail, file transfer, and Web access, all through the existing aircraft high-gain satellite antenna.

"We see the Inmarsat Swift64 service as providing a viable step for aircraft owners to incrementally evolve toward higher and higher speed voice, data, and wireless IP mobile communications," said Carl Wheatley, Director of ARINC's GLOBALink/InFlight Communications. "The technology is proven and available through a nominal avionics upgrade to users of current Aero-H and Aero-H+ service. The hybrid of Swift64 for cabin and corporate aircraft communications, coupled with Aero-H/H+ for AOC/ATC communications, provides a streamlined approach to bring higher functionality, throughput-intensive applications to the aircraft," said Wheatley.

The Swift64 service will be available to users on a stand-alone basis, although plans to support data link communications services through Swift64 are dependent on Inmarsat technical development. Mobile ISDN users are charged on a per-minute basis for direct-to-ground connections or on a subscription basis with connections through aircraft onboard servers.

Aero-H/H+ is an Inmarsat safety approved service enabling long-range and oceanic flight deck communications for pilots. ARINC is unique in the industry in offering a full spectrum of globally integrated voice and data flight deck and cabin communications services, including all Inmarsat satellite services, VHF/VDL data link, and high-frequency data link.

ARINC owns and operates one of the most extensive private communications networks in the world. ARINC pioneered the use of civil aviation data link in 1978 and was the first to offer the delivery of air traffic service messages over data link.

The ARINC satellite service, GLOBALink/InFlight, was the first universally available transoceanic/long-range satellite communications service to support the flight safety and operational requirements of civil aviation.

Providing reliable, worldwide satellite communications, GLOBALink/ InFlight is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and other civil aviation authorities for air traffic services communications, including automatic dependent surveillance and controller-pilot data link communications.

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