British Airways 747-400 Fire Reports

Two prior reports on this 10 Aug 2002 incident are also referenced here

Main Report here   (10 Aug 2002 incident )
From these posts below, it would appear that from the 3 incidents, there's maybe a pattern of crap wiring maintenance on the BA 747's.

Interesting if these last two smokers in quick succession (22 Aug 04 and 18 Aug 04 - see below) were to be the same jet? 

Topic: BA 288 Phoenix - LHR diverts to Montreal
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BA 288 Phoenix - LHR diverts to Montreal

BA plane forced (sic) down in Canada

22/08/2004 London - A London-bound British Airways plane carrying 302 passengers from Phoenix, Arizona was diverted to Montreal on Sunday for technical reasons, a spokesperson for the airline told AFP. "The plane was diverted into Montreal" early in the morning, he said, adding that the Boeing 747, flight BA 288, "landed safely" at Pierre-Elliott Trudeau airport. "Engineers are checking the plane at the moment and the plane will hopefully take off again later today" for London Heathrow Airport, the spokesperson added. "We are putting up all passengers in hotels for the time being."
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I was over Canada at the time of this incident and heard most of it unfolding over the radio:

From what I could hear, there had been electrical smoke in the flight deck. The pilots had donned their oxygen masks but still managed to communicate quite well with ATC.

Quite a nasty incident when you're over a remote area of Canada (250Nm North of Montreal) and it's dark. By the time they made the decision to divert to CYUL it sounded like the smoke was dissipating and things were getting better. ATC were trying their best to be helpful and suggest suitable diversions. That said, declaring a PAN didn't have much effect so MAYDAY did the trick.

The crew seemed to be on top of things but I was slightly surprised by how long it took them to actually declare an emergency. It often seems that pilots don't like to say those magic words, "Declaring an Emergency" or Mayday. I wonder why? Is it because we secretly feel like it was our fault, maybe we could have done something to avoid it?

Food for thought but well done to the crew of BA288 who got their big white bird down safely.

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BA B744, smoke, cockpit, again

Last time I was on this these flights were operated by B777-200.
Recent incidents may have left BA short of B777s and left them to sub the 289/288 a B747?? I hope this wasn't the very same B747-400 of BA that had to turnaround and come back to LHR last week, also a smoke in the cockpit related incident.


18 Aug 04 1640L

Heathrow (LHR)

747-400 of BA

Flt: BA209

Landed 27L after initially rqsting emg ldg Cardiff due to smoke in the cabin


Dumped fuel & landed LHR about an hour later - after smoke had abated

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