Legislator Sent Business Class Because Of DVT Fears

Jul 1, 2001 

The Scottish Parliament has reportedly paid for one of its members to fly business class to Australia because of fears over deep vein thrombosis.

The Sunday Mail newspaper today reported that Conservative MSP David Mundell was jetting off next week on a GBP2,500 ticket for a one-week conference to compare the performances of parliaments around the world.

A Holyrood spokesman confirmed the Parliament had approved Mr Mundell's upgraded flight, adding that it had paid the cheapest fare available.

"It was deemed appropriate for David Mundell to fly business class for health and safety reasons, given the length of the journey," the spokesman said.

"Any time there is a request for a member to attend a conference abroad it is assessed on a case-by-case basis to decide whether it is appropriate for Parliament to pay travel expenses, whether it be business class or economy."

The dangers of long-haul travel were brought to the world's attention last October when 28-year-old Emma Christoffersen, from South Wales, died from a blood clot brought on by sitting in a seat for 20 hours on a flight home from Australia.

A subsequent study showed that one in 10 air passengers develop a blood clot as a result of flying.

Experts advise passengers on long-haul flights to reduce the risk of developing clots in the legs by taking an aspirin, walking around the aircraft and wearing appropriate support stockings.


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