the African continent's air-transport crashes 1965 to present

     1965 to present    

air-transport crashes

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(incl all Write-offs from 2003 only)

May 20, 1965 - Boeing 720B crashes in the desert near Cairo, killing 121 people.

April 20, 1968 - South African Airways B-707 crashes near Windhoek, killing 122 of the 129 aboard.

Feb 21, 1973 - A Libyan Airlines B-727 crashes in the Sinai desert after being fired upon by an Israeli fighter.

Dec 23, 1973 -- All 105 aboard die when an Air Maroc Caravelle crashes into mountains near Rabat, Morocco.

Aug 3, 1975 - 188 die when a Boeing 707 on charter to Royal Air Maroc crashes in mountains near Agadir, Morocco.

March 27, 1977 - 583 people die in worst commercial airline disaster to date when two Boeing 747 airliners, a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines plane and a Pan American jet, collide and burst into flames on the runway at Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Nov 8, 1983 - Angolan Airlines Boeing 737 crashes on takeoff at Lubango airport, killing all 126 on board. Claims by UNITA guerrillas to have shot
it down are denied by official Angolan news agency.

Nov 28, 1987 - All 160 aboard a South African Airways Boeing 747 die after crashing into the Indian Ocean off Mauritius.

Sept 19, 1989 - A French UTA DC-10 airliner crashes in the Sahara desert, killing all 171 on board. Officials suspect bomb caused crash, the third DC-10 to crash in two months.

July 11, 1991 - A chartered DC-8 crashes during an emergency landing at Jeddah, which it had left minutes earlier taking Nigerian pilgrims home from Mecca. All 261 aboard killed.

Sept 26, 1992 - A C-130 aircraft of the Nigerian Air Force crashes minutes after leaving Lagos airport. 173 bodies found, a further 27 missing.

Dec 22, 1992 - A Libyan Boeing 727 with 158 people aboard crashes near the town of Souk al-Sabt, about 35 miles from Tripoli, resulting in the deaths of all aboard. Reports suggest crash caused by mid-air collision.

Jun 17, 1995 - Forty-eight people, including players from a local soccer team, are killed when their Casa 212 military plane crashes in southwestern Angola.

June 25, 1995 - Harka Airlines Soviet-era Tupolev TU 134 crashes at Lagos airport, Nigeria, killing 15 people.

Nov 13, 1995 - Nigeria Airways Boeing 737 crashes on landing at Kaduna, northern Nigeria, killing nine people.

Dec 3, 1995 - Cameroon airliner crashes while coming in to land at the commercial capital Douala, killing around 60 people.

Dec 18, 1995 - A Zairean passenger plane crashes in Northern Angola killing 141 people. The plane, an Electra, was owned by Trans Service Airlift, a private company, based at Kinshasa's Ndjili airport.

Jan 8, 1996 - At least 350 people die when a Russian-built Antonov-32 cargo plane crashed into a crowded market in central Kinshasa, capital of Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo).

Jan 30, 1996 - Thirty-four people are killed and 20 injured when their passenger aircraft crashes in Angola's Cuanza Norte province. About 60
passengers were on board.

Nov 7, 1996 - A Nigerian Boeing 727 flying from Port Harcourt to Lagos, with 142 passengers and nine crew members, crashed with no survivors.

Nov 23, 1996 - A total of 125 of the 175 passengers and crew died when a hijacked Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767 crashed into the sea off the Comoros Islands.

Jan 31, 1997 - Thirty-seven people die when an Angolan Air Force plane crashes in UNITA-held territory in western Angola.

Sep 2, 1998 - Angolan UNITA rebels shoot down Antonov-26 military cargo plane in the diamond-rich northeast, killing all 24 people on board.

Dec 26, 1998 - U.N. C-130 transport plane crashes shortly after taking off from the town of Huambo, heading for Saurimo in Angola's northeast. All 14 aboard are killed.

Feb 2, 1999 - Twenty-eight people killed when an Aviacao Civile privately-owned Antonov 12 aircraft crashes into the poor Luanda suburb of Cazenga.

Oct 11, 1999 - Grounded Air Botswana ATR-42 captain took off and advised that he was going to crash into other ATR42's on the tarmac. After carrying out three loops, this he did and three aircraft were destroyed...leaving his airline with one unserviceable BAe-146 at Gaborone-Sir Seretse Khama International Airport

Jan 30, 2000 - Kenya Airways Airbus A-310 crashed in the sea shortly after takeoff from Abidjan in the Ivory Coast, killing all 179 passengers and crew.

Aug 23, 2000 - Gulf Air Airbus A320 crashed in the waters off Bahrain on a flight from Cairo, killing all 143 aboard.

Nov 1, 2000 - Russian-built passenger plane crashes after exploding in the air in northeastern Angola, killing all 48 people on board. UNITA rebels say they shot it down.

Nov 15, 2000 - An Antonov plane crashes near Angola's capital Luanda, killing all 39 people aboard.

March 17, 2001 - Beechcraft 1900C-1 crashes into mountains near Quilemba, Angola in heavy rain, killing all but one of 17 people on board.

Jan 26, 2002 - Antonov aircraft crashes in Angola's Moxico province. All 30 aboard believed killed.

Jan 27, 2002 - Antonov 12 regn: T-304 crashed 2km short of Luena Airport Angola in heavy rain killing 5/40 aboard

Feb 15, 2002 - Antonov 12BP ER-ADL of Tiramavia crashed during emerg landing Monrovia (6kms from Roberts Intl A/P) killing 1/8 aboard

Feb 17, 2002 - Canadair CL-44D4 of SkyMaster Freight Svcs 9Q-CTS written off at Mbuji Mayi A/P (MJM) following uncontained engine fire (0fatal/23)

Feb 27,2002 - Antonov 26 ST-MGL of El Magal Avn wrtten off (undershot runway causing left main gear to collapse) - no fatalities

Mar 17, 2002 - Let 410UVP-E of Djibouti Airlines J2-KBC crashed into sea on approach killing 4

Mar 27, 2002 - 2xBAC-111 (401-AK) 5N-MBM of Albarka Air & 5N-BDU (a 523FJ model) of Savannah Air both damaged beyond repair in storm at Abuja Intl A/P Nigeria nil fatalities

Apr 02, 2002 - Antonov 32 (ER-AEQ) of Renan Air. Cargo flt touched down short and was written off due to heavy damage (nil fatals)

Apr 16, 2002 - HS748-400(series (ZS-OLE) written off after ending up in a ditch at Su City (Pilansberg) A/P following complete hyd failure (nil fatalities /47 on board)

Apr 17, 2002 - Let 410UVP-E9 (5Y-UAS) of United Airlines Ltd write-off after an airborne abort at Masai Mara A/P (Kenya) (0 fatals/19)

May 4, 2002 - BAC 1-11-500 belonging to Nigeria's EAS Airlines with 105 people on board crashes and bursts into flames in the northern Nigerian city of Kano.

May 7, 2002 - 737-566 of Egyptair. MS843 from Cairo crash-landed 6kms from Tunis Airport on appch in stormy weather (14 Fatal/62 onboard)

May 21,2002 - LET 410UVP of Sky Executive Air. 9Q-CEX crashed in swamp following electrical fire during Abuja to Port Harcourt flight. A/c was in a poor state of repair. (5 fatal/5 onboard)

Jun 01, 2002 - HS748-372 (series 2B) ZS-OJU written off in CFIT near George A/P during instrument missed approach repositioning (killed cricketer Hansie Kronje and the 2 pilots). A/c had uncleared avionics defects.

Jun 11, 2002 - F27 of Sudan Awys (ST-SSD)- heavily damaged and de-reg'd after runway departure during training at Khartoum (nil fatals)

Jul 04, 2002 - 707-123B of New Gomair (9XR-IS)- Divtd to Bangui enroute Brazzaville with tech problems and crashed on finals in an outer suburb (28 fatals/32 onboard) (Prestige Airlines sub-charter)

Jul 25, 2002 - DHC-5D Buffalo of Kenyan Airforce crashed on the Magumo Coffee Farm Kenya following engine failure (nil fatalities)

Jul 26, 2002 - Antonov 26 of Africa One (9Q-CMC) written off following an aborted take-off and gear collapse at Kinshasa-Ndijili A/P Congo (former Zaire) (nil fatals)

Aug 02, 2002 - C208 Caravan of Avn sans Frontieres (F-OHLG) written off after a landing accident at Pimu (Congo) - nil fatalities

Aug 08, 2002 - L-1011 Tristar 250 of Hewa Bora Awys (9Q-CHA) written off in Kinshasa after ferry from Douala with eng problems. Gear problems on landing (nil fatals)

Sep 15, 2002 - Ilyushin 18V of Phoenix Airlines (EX-904) written off after an overrun at Negazhi A/P Angola (nil fatalities)

Nov 07, 2002 - Antonov 12BK of SilkWay Air (4K-AZ21)- cargo a/c written off at Kome Chad in runway overrun (nil fatals)

Nov 28, 2002 - LET 410UVP-E20 of Eagle Avn (5Y-ONT)  crashed during appch with eng problems at Mars Intrepid airstrip Kenya (one fatality/19)

Jan 17, 2003 - Antonov 24 (ER-...) of AeroCorn. crashed on hill near Ndjole Gabon with avionics failures during an instrument approach killing 6/6 onboard

Jan 24, 2003 - G159 Gulfstream 1 of African Commuter Svcs (5Y-EMJ) written off after take-off crash on 3281ft (short & rough) runway at Busia Kenya (3 fatals/12 onboard inc a Kenyan Govt Minister)

Mar 06, 2003 - 737-2T4 of Air Algerie (7T-VEZ) -crashed after RH eng caught fire on t/off from Tamanrasset A/P Algeria (102 fatal/103 onbard)

Apr 18, 2003 - DC-9-32 of Ecuato Guineana de Aviacion (9Q-CWF) written off at Brazzaville after a belly landing (nil fatals/45 onboard)

Apr 25, 2003 - Antonov 26. Alleged gunrunner. Crashed while landing without runway lighting at Beni A/P (BNC) Congo. Crew escaped and a/c was looted by soldiers.

Apr 25, 2003 - Antonov 24 of Sudan Airforce (reg "700") destroyed on ground by Sudan Liberation Army at El Fasher A/P (Sudan)

Apr 27, 2003 - Vickers Viscount 836 (9Q-CGL) a further eng failed during an attempted 3eng ferry take-off from a Congo airstrip and a/c crashed into trees with unknown fatalities.

May 11, 2003 - AN12B of Pecotox Air (ER-AXD) written off at Asmara (Eritrea) on landing (overran r/way 25 and collided with obstacles (nil fatalities)

May 16, 2003 - Antonov AN12BP (fuel-carrier regn T-307) of Forca Aera Populaire Angola; written off near Menongue (Angola) after crew tried to fly it out for repairs (4 fatal/4)

May 27, 2003 - Antonov AN12BP of Showa Air (9L-LCR) written off after overrun at Goma A/P Congo (nil fatals)

Jun 16, 2003 - Fokker 50 of Mid Airlines (ST-ARA) crashed due birdflock-strike on landing at Adar Yel Oilfield (Sudan) on arrival from Khartoum (nil fatalities)

Jun 26, 2003 - C208B Grand Caravan. (V5-CAS) of Comav Avn crashed into 848ft hill while circling airfield to gain altitude following a night medevac (4 fatalities/4)

Jun 30, 2003 - C130H Hercules of Algerian AF. Crashed into outskirts of Blida (Algeria) following eng fire after t/off from Boufarik AFB (5 fatals +10 on ground)

Jul 08, 2003 - 737-2J8C of Sudan Awys (ST-AFK) pilot reported tech difficulties after take-off and crashed in bush about 5kms out on return to Port Sudan (bound Khartoum)

Jul 19, 2003 - SA226TC Metro II of Ryan Blake Air Charter (ZS-OYI) crashed 450ft below the snow-capped top of Pt Lenyana at 16,450ft  (Kenya's 3rd highest peak) - 14 fatalities/14 onboard

Aug 13, 2003- LET 410UVP of Lexus Avn (9XR-JT) crashed on arrival at Rumbek (Sudan) (unknown fatalities)

Aug 19, 2003 - C208B Grand Caravan of Transworld Safaris (5Y-TWI)- failed to clear trees on t/off at Old Fangak (Sudan) (unk Casualties)

Sep 14, 2003 - LET 410UVP of ACS Ltd (9XR-AL) crashed on take-off at Langkien (Sudan) with unknown casualties

Oct 13, 2003 - Antonov AN28 (ER-AJG) gunrunner crashed 800m short on approach to Kamina A/P (KMF) (Congo)- led to clash between Military and UN military observers (unknown casualties)

Nov 02, 2003 - Antonov 12BP of Sarit Airlines (EK-11997) written off in accident 13kms from Geneina (Sudan) on arrival from Khartoum (unknown casualties)

Nov 17, 2003- Antonov 12BP of Sarit Airlines (ST-SAA). Crashed and burned on approach while carrying a large money shipment from Bank of Sudan Khartoum to Wau (Sudan) (13 fatalities /13 onboard)

Nov 29, 2003 - Antonov 26 of Force Aerienne Congolais (9T-TAD). Tyre/wheel/brake failed on second attempt to take-off on 1400m runway at Boende and killed 13 people on ground in the local market (plus 20/24 onboard)

Dec 01, 2003- LET 410UVP-E of Millenium Air (5N-BFL) - written off after tail being struck on taxi by stbd wing-tip of Kabo Air 747 (5N-EEE)

Dec 07, 2003 - F28 Fellowship (5Y-NNN) of East African Safari Air. 5/44 injured when Flt812 overran runway into a deep ditch at Lokkichoggio A/P Kenya

Dec 19, 2003 - 737-3YO of Air Gabon (TR-LFZ) written off after overrun of 3000m runway at Libreville A/P (LBV) Gabon (nil fatals/118 onboard)

Dec 25, 2003 - 727-223 of Union des Transports Africains de Guinea (3X-GDO) crashed on t/off at Cotonou (COO) Benin. 8073ft runway (incl stopway) was too short for the load (at the flap setting and ambient temp) and so its undercarriage struck a 2 to 3m high small building with the a/c crashing beyond the shoreline. C of G also suspected to have been out of limits due to improper loading. 140/161 killed

Dec 27, 2003 - C208B Grand Caravan of Air Malawi (7Q-YKU). Lost directional control on t/off and hit a minibus killing one passenger (a/c carrying Malawi VP) (zero onboard casualties)

Jan 03, 2004 - 737-3Q8 of Flash Airlines (SU-ZCF). After autopilot appeared to have malfunctioned in circling climb-out from Sharm-el-Sheikh, it was disengaged and control was then lost (due to disorientation over the Red Sea at night). Assume pilot rolled the wrong way after allowing an unusual attitude to develop whilst turning right on autopilot at 5000ft. A/c broke up during resulting crew-induced catastrophic overstress (whilst disoriented over a dark ocean surface without moon or visible horizon) and with the attitude instrument showing a very unfamiliar (and dynamic) attitude of approximately 90 degrees of right bank (increasing).. (148 fatalities /148 onboard)

Jan 28, 2004 - Beech 1900D of Tassili Airlines (7T-VIN) Flew into the ground at night following a go-round due traffic on runway and while manoeuvring for another approach (1 fatal/5 onboard).

Feb 10, 2004 - Fokker 50 of Kish Air (EP-LCA) . Known design fault malfunction of throttles being able to be made enter the ground range on finals and props then entering ground-fine pitch (similar to Luxair F50 accident the year before) 43 fatal/46 onboard when this happened at 2.5nms finals to Sharjah (UAE)

Apr 03, 2004 - Convair CV580 of "Private" contractor (3D-ZOE). Made hard landing at Shabunda (Congo) causing nose gear to collapse. Nil fatalities.

May 06, 2004 - LET410UVP of Air Cush. Written off at Jiech (Sudan) after cargo shifted on take-off and a/c stalled, crashed and burnt out (6 fatalities /10 onboard)

May 12, 2004 - Antonov 12 of El Magal Avn. A/c had started Sudan operations in Sudan on 05 May and crashed near Dalang (Sudan) in a thunderstorm after only 7 in-country flights. (1 fatal/7 onboard)

May 17, 2004 - DHC-6 Twin Otter of Trans Maldivian Airways. Floatplane took off on water towards Male runway breakwater, hit it and then crashed on the Male runway 18 (an aviation first?). Pilot allowed insufficient water run into wind. (Nil fatal/17 onboard)

May 23, 2004 - Let 410 of Blue Bird Avn (5Y-VVD). Crashed in field 30kms S of Mwingi during a cargo flt from Nairobi to Somalia (2 fatal/2)

Jun 01, 2004 - Antonov 32 of Sun Air (9XR-SN). Ex Gun Runner headed Kigali Intl A/P (enrt Goma Congo) from Benin where it had been supporting the Rwanda-backed militia. Crashed on landing due to undercarriage problems sustained leaving Benin.

Jun 07, 2004 - Antonov 12 (ST-ARO). Crashed in the Sudan with unknown casualties

Jun 08, 2004 - HS748 of Gabon Express (TR-LFW). Flt 221 crashed after t/off Libreville (Gabon) for Franceville. Headed back after take-off with propeller problems but crashed 100m offshore (19 fatalities /30 onboard). Gabon Express was uninsured and is no longer operating.

Jun 26, 2004 - Antonov 12 of Sarit Airlines (ST-SAT). Crashed in the Sudan and written off in unknown circumstances. nil casualties.