More Likely a Wiring Accident than Oxygen Generators in the Hold


Final Moments of ValuJet flight 592:

Line Extracts From the Cockpit Voice Recorder.

14:07:42 CAM-1 "Let's turn on the radar"
14:09:44 CAM-1 "We're ** turbulence ***"

14:10:07 CAM-1 "What was that?"

14:10:12 CAM-1 "out to lose a bus?"

14:10:15 CAM-1 "We got some electrical problem"

14:10:17 CAM-2 "Yeah."

14:10:20 CAM-1 "We're losing everything"

14:10:27 CAM-?, "We're on fire. We're on fire" [from male voice]

14:10:46 RDO-2 ,"Uh, smoke in the cockp...smoke in the cabin"

14:11:12 CAM-3, "Completely on fire"

CAM-1:Cockpit area mike, voice identified as captain

CAM-2: Voice identified as first officer

CAM-3: Voice identified as senior female flight attendant

RDO-2: Radio transmission from first officer.

**: Indecipherable

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