MENTIONED in the LETTER from Otto Rentsch

(Former Head of Safety for Swissair)

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       CTL (control) you are just east of Brunnen.

       330 thank you.

       CTL you may stop your turn onto 335 for positioning on the ILS runway 16.

       330 roger will stop turning on 335 and request descend.

       CTL roger will call you back.

       330 we suspect an explosion in the aft compartment of the aircraft

       every thing is ok at the moment but we request descend clearance

       immediately and fire fighting equipment on the ground for landing.

       CTL roger descend to flight level 100 you are coming back to Brunnen.

       CTL (Anruf)

       330 roger we descend say again the level ?

       CTL 100

       330 100 ? and we are leaving 140 for 100.

       CTL roger

       CTL what is your heading ?

       CTL your heading ?

       330 is now 060.

       CTL roger but please turn back towards the south please.

       330 roger we are on 060 maintaining.

       CTL turn left please on to heading 330.

       330 oh roger now turning left to 330.

       CTL roger.

       330 reaching 100.

       CTL roger.

       330 we also request police to investigate.

       CTL say again please.

       330 we also request police to investigate the incident

       330 we have a fire on board request an immediate landing.

       CTL that is understood descend to flight level 60.

       330 we descend to 60 as quickly as possible we have fire on board in the aft.

       CTL understood.

       330 this is an emergency Zurich from 330.

       CTL all understood.

       CTL you are now 5 miles south east of intersection ALFA.

       330 we are leaving 80.

       CTL roger.

       CTL continue heading 330 further instructions with approach on 118.5.

       330 ah GCA approach we have fire on board we have speed and request GCA

       approach our navigation is not good.

       CTL ok understood.

       330 aah.

       CTL you may expect it Swissair 330.

       330 main ah descending now to ah 60 heading 330.

       CTL correct just east of ALFA.

       CTL approach on 118.0.

       330 118.0.

       330 (ruft mit 338) we have electrical power failure (Kommandant und Copilot sprechen gleichzeitig) 330 330.

       330 go ahead.

       APP (approach) we no delay for radar vector ILS runway 16 check wind

       220 degrees 20 Knots.

       APP altitude ?

       APP you are cleared to descend to 4000 SR 330 cleared to descend to 4000.

       APP I can not read you any more I can not read you any more please continue

       Heading 330…… (Pfeifton zufolge Doppelbe-sprechung)

       330 on 118.1 how do you read ?

       TWR (Zürich Tower) read you three.


       (Zurich Approach Radar)

       do you read here.

       330 loud and clear come in we are at 6000 feet we are think we are on

       heading 329.

        RAD roger make your heading 330 descend to 4000 heading 330 4000.

       330 ok 4000 heading 330.

       RAD according radar you are going off track turn to the right until I say stop.

       RAD (Anruf)

       330 roger 330.

       RAD roger turn to the right until I say stop now you are fully off track now.

       330 we are turning to the right 330.

       RAD roger.

       330 can you give me my position about ?

       RAD you are passing Baden and stop your turn now.

       330 ......Possible (Pilot und Verkehrs-leiter sprechen gleichzeitig)

       RAD roger what is your heading you are going through now.

       330 passing now 330 335.

       RAD thank you turn right 360.

       330 360.

       RAD descend to 3500 feet (Pilot und Verkehrs-leiter sprechen gleichzeitig,

       Pilot unverstandlich).

       330 say again say again.

       RAD descend to 3500 feet on QNH 1013.

       330 3500 1013.

       RAD do you wish a short final to be final over Rhine or a normal line up

       (Pilot und Verkehrsleiter sprechen gleichzeitig, Pilot unverstandlich).

       RAD do you wish a normal line up or a short line up ?

       330 …….emergency we have……..smoke on board I can’t see anything.

        RAD right heading 080 330 right 080

       RAD (Sabena RI) there is an aircraft below you on emergency can you see it?

       (Keine Antwort).

       330 is crashing.

       RAD roger.

       330 good bye everybody.

       330 good bye everybody.

       330 …reducing power we cannot see anything can you give me a low altitude ?

       RAD you are making a three sixty (Pfeifton zufolge Doppelbessprechung)

       you are making a three sixty left hand turn side maintain at least 3500 feet

       and if possible set course heading 080 stop your turn heading 080 if possible.

       RAD you are now you are now on heading 080 please stop turn on heading 080

       please stop turn on heading 080 this is direct to Rhine beacon.

       RAD heading 080 please.

       RAD please open your window SR 330 open your window please.

       RAD heading 080 I can not read you any more please open your window.

       RAD on 3500 feet you are now heading Rhine I say again open your

       window please.

       RAD you are very low speed now.

       RAD you are very low speed could you increase speed to a heading east please increase speed

       to a heading east and open your window.

       RAD you are still circling you are still circling a heading east if possible.

       RAD continue you are proceeding now direction field if possible 3500 feet.

       -------------------END OF EXCERPT

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