A CHRONOLOGY of  Recent major air crashes
Event Probable Cause
Jan 08, 2003 - crashed 900m short of runway on VOR/DME appch in fog, killing 75 pilot error
Feb 19, 2003 - An Iranian military plane crashes near Kerman in south-eastern Iran. Iran said all 302 aboard were killed. CFIT*
March 6, 2003 - A Boeing 737-200 Algerian flag carrier crashes shortly after take-off from Tamanrasset airport, killing 103 passengers and crew. engine failure
July 8, 2003 - A Sudan Airways Boeing 737 crashes after takeoff near Port Sudan on a flight to Khartoum, killing 104 passengers and the crew of 11. A two-year-old boy was the only survivor. lost control during Single Engine approach in bad visibility
Dec 25, 2003 - UTA 727 crashed off runway end at Cotonou Benin, killing 141 overweight take-off
Jan 3, 2004 - A Paris-bound Egyptian Boeing 737 operated by Flash Airlines crashes into the Red Sea off the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, killing all 148 passengers and crew. Spatial disorientation compounded by crew confusion over autopilot status
Aug 24, 2004 - Two Russian passenger planes are downed almost simultaneously by Chechen suicide bombers, killing 89 people. The planes, which both took off from Moscow, flew internal routes for Russian airlines Sibir and KrasAir. terrorism (Chechen black widows)
Feb 3, 2005 - An Afghan airliner crashes into a mountain near Kabul, killing all 105 people on board. The Boeing 737 was operated by Afghanistan's only private airline, Kam Air. CFIT*
2005 16 July: An Equatair AN24B plane crashes soon after take-off from Equatorial Guinea's island capital, Malabo, west of the mainland, killing all 60 people on board. overloaded, poorly maintained, crashed soon after takeoff
Aug 2, 2005 - An Air France Airbus bursts into flames after overshooting the runway while landing at Toronto's Pearson International Airport in a storm. All 309 passengers and crew survive. Pilot Error -landed too far in with tailwind on wet runway/aquaplaned
Aug 14, 2005 - A Cypriot Boeing 737 operated by Helios Airways crashes in the area of Kalamos, 30 km north of the Greek capital, Athens, killing all 121 passengers and crew on board. crew confusion over audible alarm led to crew incapacitation from hypoxia. Ran out of fuel & crashed
Aug 16, 2005 - A West Caribbean Airways MD-80 aircraft crashes near Venezuela's border with Colombia, in the Sierra de Perija mountains. All 160 passengers and crew were killed. a/c deep-stalled at an excessively high altitude for the weight
Sept 5, 2005 - A Mandala Airlines Boeing 737-200 crashes just after take off near Medan, in northern Sumatra. 102 people on board were killed as well as 47 others on the ground. Fifteen passengers in the tail section survived. failed to extend flap for takeoff, stalled at rotate

Oct 22, 2005 - A Nigerian Bellview Airlines Boeing 737-200 airliner with 111 passengers and six crew crashes shortly after take off from Lagos in Lissa, about 30 km north of Lagos. All aboard were killed.

pilot disorientation
Dec 10, 2005 - A Nigerian Sosoliso Airlines DC9 flight from Abuja carrying 110 passengers and crew crashes on landing in the oil city of Port Harcourt and bursts into flames, killing 106. Four people survived the crash, whose cause was unknown. windshear on finals runway 21 led to an off runway touchdown just prior to a drainage ditch
May 3, 2006 - An Airbus A-320 of the Armenian airline Armavia, carrying 113 passengers and crew from Yerevan to the Russian seaside resort Sochi, crashes in the Black Sea while trying to land in bad weather, killing all on board. Spatial disorientation/the pitch-up illusion
July 9, 2006 - A Russian Airbus A310 carrying 201 people, many of them holidaymakers, crashed during a domestic flight to Siberia on Sunday, killing most of those on board. Pilot Error -landed too far in with tailwind on wet runway & aquaplaned. Possible microburst encountered on finals
*CFIT = Controlled Flight Into Terrain