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(D3 FIR)

D3 Description

Condition and Status Monitoring

  • Provides Bus Monitor and Remote Terminal functions for up to 6 dual redundant MIL-STD-1553 buses
  • Provides Smart Rules Processing (SRP) technology support user-reconfigurable, real-time aircraft performance monitoring, system condition monitoring, event detection, and troubleshooting capability
  • SRP supports predefined data collection for typical maintenance and operations use (MFOQA) or ad hoc queries
  • DataLink support provides the capability to uplink queries and downlink data during flight when real-time feedback is important

Memory Management

  • Crash-Protected Memory can be allocated by function; audio channels, flight data, and video (option) through the configuration software tools
  • Non-Protected Memory can be allocated by function; SRP generated data storage for maintenance data, ad hoc queries, snapshot data, and video (option)

High-Speed Data Access

  • Crash-protected and non-protected memory can be accessed through several methods including:
    • Wireless VHF Datalink (via ARC 210)
    • Data Transfer Unit PCMCIA interface
    • External RS422 or Ethernet interface

Ground Support Tools

  • Software tools for system configuration and data analysis are hosted on common PC hardware providing commonality with existing equipment
  • Data analysis products provide single flight review, multi-flight trending, and flight replay for post-mission debrief or training
  • Digital data download can be exported in non-proprietary formats in an open-architecture approach, enabling commonality with legacy database systems and third-party software products

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  Digital Data Download


Product Description

D3 Features

(D3 FIR)

Cockpit Audio, Image, and Flight Data Recorder

Smart Rules Processing capability
Video Recording (option)

Size:  4.8" (W) x 5.7" (H) x 7.8" (L)
Weight:  Less than 9 pounds

Crash Survivability/Performance Compliance
TSO C-123a/C-124a
Eurocae ED-55/ED-56a
Eurocae ED-112 (video option)
Electrical Interface
Input Power +28 VDC
4 audio channels - 120 minutes each
6 dual redundant MIL-STD-1553 bus
4/1 ARINC 429 input/output channels
3/3 RS-422 input/output channels
1 Ethernet (10/100) bus
Control Panel Interface
Less than 25 Watts power dissipation
Environmental Specifications
DO-160D Hardware requirements
DO-178 Level D Software requirements
Passive Convection cooling



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Press Release

Management Sciences Inc.
to Participate in
Naval Air Systems Command
PMA 209 Conference

Albuquerque, NM (Jan. 28, 2003) An Albuquerque business will be among those presenting product innovation and research at the Naval Air Systems Command Air Combat Electronics PMA209 conference beginning Feb. 4 in San Diego, CA.

Kenneth Blemel, vice president at Management Sciences, Inc, said the company was awarded a $1.5M Small Business Innovation Research contract to upgrade the traditional flight data recorder suite for the Navy's aircraft starting with the F-18 A/E strike fighter. The new product enables Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance with a data centric approach that has the potential to combine the capabilities of five separate products currently on the aircraft into a single box. In addition, it adds the ability to collect and process data during a mission, download it to a ground/aircraft carrier station, and upload real-time mission information queries. The new capabilities reduce the space required on the aircraft for information technology and recording, while providing revolutionary new features that monitor, diagnose and report in flight. Another key benefit is that the new product is based on a commercial off the shelf solution, designed to save the Naval Air Systems Command dollars, time, take-off weight, plus opening slots for other advanced systems.

Blemel says the new technology will undergo flight-testing this year and is expected to move into production 2004. "The D3 is a critical part of the military's data centric system model," he explained. "It provides the air traffic controller, maintainers, and operations with information never before available in real time.  The D3 sends reports on aircraft status, which helps in positioning the aircraft for maintenance and in reducing the time needed to put the aircraft back in the air. The PMA209 conference gives us an opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the new technology before the Navy's key decision makers."

Currently Management Sciences Inc. has five people assigned to the D3 FIR product. The company, which was founded in Albuquerque in 1976, provides programs for reliability, safety, maintainability and life-cycle cost analysis. At full production, the D3 FIR will require several hundred units for delivery for the F-18 A/E upgrade program.   Management Sciences Inc. has teamed with Honeywell to manufacture the D3 FIR.  Meeting the size and weight constraints of the F-18 allows the D3 FIR to fit most other aircraft that have a need for common data centric systems that enable network centric warfare.

MSI also operates a separate business entity, Sentient Sensors LLC, for contracts and revenue from ongoing hardware contracts with BAA, STTR and SBIR.

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based upon an original IASA concept
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Disclaimer: The position of the International Aviation Safety Association (IASA) is that CCTV Video represents an invaluable resource in aviation safety both from an operational and investigative perspective. In order to demonstrate the availability and feasibility of such technology, we have provided examples of currently available technology. This information is provided for information purposes only. IASA does not endorse the manufacturer-specific products that we have highlighted. They serve solely as examples of our support for generic technology that provides for CCTV Video capability in airline aircraft.


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