Flight 587 Crash Memorial
Nigerian Authorities Admit to Weak Air Crash Emergency Response
The Latest Air India Flight 182 Inquiry (Sep 2006)
A Success Story for AUSSAR
The Death of Hans Cronje - The Inquest into the Crash at George

2006 Air Crashes Have no Pattern, Just Random Tragic Events?

The Transmile 727 Fuel-Tank Explosion in Bangalore

Sibir Airlines A310 Crash at Irkutsk - an Early Analysis
10 Years Later - Nothing Yet Done on Fuel-Tank Explosions
Lessons Learnt - Indepth Review of 12 Major Accidents
Severity of 767 LAX Engine Explosion Understated
Engine Explosion Means Problem Remains Unfixed
FAA Mandates New Landing Distance Computations for Contaminated Runways
A Valujet Memorial
Collision Courses in Canadian Airspace
Armenian A320 Cockpit Voice Recorder Recovered
West Caribbean MD82 Crash Cause (Flight 708)
InfraRed De-Icing Saves Groundwater
Pilot Job Exports and their Safety Concerns
Aerial Death of Famed Aviator Scott Crossfield
Making Midway Safer
The Crash Atop Fortress Masada
Airbus A380 Evacuation Test Successful- Only 33 Injured
A New Anti-Ice/De-ice Methodology?
Lightning Strikes and Composite Aircraft
Taxiway Landing TAP A340 Guarulhos (Sao Paulo) Brazil
Alaskan Investigates a Welter of Pressurization Failures
The Birdstrikes of Brazil
NASA/FAA to Archive Airlines' Safety Data
NTSB Attends Fewer Accidents - Stretched too Thin
Report Criticizes US Airline Maintenance Oversight
The Perils of African Aviation - the Saga of Hydro 501
Congressman Continues Fight Against MU-2 In Wake Of Canadian Accident
Staying Alive in Low Impact Airliner Accidents is Easier
Realtime Runway Incursion Responses
A New Laser Based Anti-ice/De-icing Technology
Mallard Turboprop Amphibian Break-up
More Insights into the Midway 737 Accident
Same date 33 Years ago at Chicago's Midway Airport
USN Rewires the Kapton-Ridden C2 Greyhound COD Aircraft
Still no Bottom line on Ebersol Icing Crash at Montrose
An FAA Safety Report Card Marion Blakey's Response
The Latest Flight Data Monitoring Tool
Decision time on Tank Inerting has Arrived
Air Ambulance Crash Caused by Icing Build-up
Bizjets and VL Jets can be Risky Business
Deadly Fuel Systems in Light Aircraft
Runway Incursion Prevention for GA
Infra-red De-Icing - A First
Those Deadly Medium Twins
World's Deadlies Air Disasters
When Flight Attendants Fall - Pt 1 (and Part 2)
The Cessna Caravan and its Icing Problems
The Safety Managers Squabble over the Swissair Report Recs
Mitsubishi Cooperates with FAA Re-Examination of MU-2
An Important Original IASA Safety Concept Enters Airline Service
The Helios Crash - Flawed Responses and Lack of Urgency
AF358 (A340 Overrun Toronto) Crash Cause Bottom Lines
Airline Choice and Airline Safety Inextricably Linked
Airline Death Toll Soars for 2005 (versus 2004)
NATA wants to defer their Blanket Fix
EU Nations Publish Their Lists of Blacklisted Airlines
FAA Safety Inspections Now 25% Behind
Helios Flt 522 737 Crash Explanation - a Clarification
The Story of the Alaska 506 Boeing 737's Depressurization
Helios 737-300 Crash Perplexes Experts
AirFrance Flt 358's 2001 Predecessor Accident
Japanese Remember on Anniversary of Worst Ever Crash - JAL 123
Pilots at Higher Risk of Cancer and Cataracts
Safer Wet Runway Operations
The Go-Round Prompter (IMPETUS)
The Truths that Emerge - Post Facto
Tunisian ATR72 Crashes
The Shuttle - What Debris Impact Can it Take?
The NTSB is in Turmoil
Shuttle again Grounded after Foam Departs External Tank on Launch

Are the Planes We Fly in Now More at Risk?

NTSB highlights nil FAA Progress on TWA800 Explosion Issues
Dallas Fort Worth ATC Mistakes Routinely Covered Up
IASA's Iridian/Roadshow Concept Comes to Life
High Tech Safety for General Aviation is in Prospect
The Technical Issues Behind the Pinnacle CRJ-2 Crash at Jefferson City
Tech Gains that have Eliminated the Newer Generation Airliner Crashes
The Teterboro Accident Scorecard
DOT OIG Report on FAA Oversight of Airlines
Teterboro N.J. - A Bad Place for Accidents
Metro Airport Fire-Fighters
Weighing Errors can Kill
Another Mitsubishi MU-2 Fatal Accident
The Leaking of Internal Airline Safety Bulletins
Crash Airline Audited Two Months before Fatal Crash
Forgetting Precedents - a BIG Mistake
Are Airlines Outsourcing Safety?
Experts want a Volcano Alerting System
Tombstone Technologies
The Birdstrike and Bird-Control Menu
Crashed P3 Air-Tanker had no Recorders
Shortage of Fire-Tankers for 2005 Season due to Safety Concerns
FAA Delays Rule on Aircraft Repair Station Mandatory Training
The Facts Behind the Phuket Air Abortive 747 Flights
Pennsylvania Icing Crash of PC-12 kills Family of Six
2004 Civil Aviation Accident Fatalities Fall
Mishaps spur safety inspections of airlines, starting with JAL
FAA Enforcement Proceedings against AMFA Members - Guidance
The FAA is not Wholly INERT on OBIGGS
New FDR & CVR Rules (NTSB Aproves FAA Plan - but no Cameras)
New FDR & CVR Rules (FAA Release)
Cause Sought for Big Increase in Medevac Helo Accidents
The Causes and the Circumstances for American 587 in Queens
Another "Early" Inventor of the Flight Data Recorder
The Inventor of the Flight Data Recorder
The Fall Guy
The Airliner that Ran Outa Gas
34 Airline Deaths over 3 Years - Is it Safe?
The 2004 Airline Safety Record
The NTSB on Pre-Take-Off Icing Risks
The African Airliner Crash Record
The Cessna Grand Caravan's Icing Accident Record (more)
The FAA's One-Way Trip Ticket
Ex NTSB Chairman Jim Hall Says (about Recent Terrain Avoidance Accidents)
FAA Orders Inspection of all T34/A45 Wings for Mainspar cracks
A Defence of that Lethal MU-2
A BizJet's Down
Fuel Me Once - The Case of the Pliant (yet non-compliant) Dip-Stick
The Dick Ebersol Challenger Crash (link to More on background)
The World's Worst AirCrashes
The Nairobi 747 Crash - A Tale of Family Escape
Take-off Performance Monitoring Systems
A Beech 1900D Ditching (Where Everybody Lives after a double engine failure)
Near Collision of two 777's over London
They Died at the End of A Long Duty Day - of Six Sectors (15hrs)
Halifax Crash 747's recovered CVR "of no use"
Report Out on the Air Transat Azores Deadstick Landing
The 10th Anniversary of the USAIR Flight 427 Crash
The Britannia 757 Crash at Gerona (the FINAL REPORT)
The Britannia 757 Crash at Gerona (5 years to a Final Report)
The Africa Tally - of Transport Aviation Accidents
Bad Day in OSLO
The Fatal Crash of Air Tahoma's CV580
The Curse of the Nomad - a True Widow-Maker
Four Years Later the NTSB Renews its Call for Cockpit Cameras
GAO Slams Poor FAA Safety Databases
My Captain, My Bossman
FAA Safety Laxity Criticized by US Congress' General Accountability Office
NASA has Another Close Call (Maintenance Deficiencies Found)
No More TCAS Induced Collisions? Yes or No?
Airbus Sacks a WhistleBlower for Raising Safety Concerns

Losing all Four Engines in Volcanic Ash (pdf) pg2 pg3pg4

A Viable Alternative to Fuel-Tank Inerting?
NTSB Finds A300-600 Rudder Flaw
FAA works out the Safety for Unmanned Flight in Civil Airspace
Adding Up the Airproxes
NASA's Post-Columbia Safety Plot
The Engineers are Revolting
Swiss Air Controllers Admit Errors in Midair Collision
Fire-Fighting Aviation - To be Run on the Cheap no longer
Fire-Fighting Tankers Grounded as Fire Season Begins
The Ansett Crack-up (six pages)
The Value of a Pilot's Nap
Retiring NTSB's John Goglia Receives Air Safety Accolade
A Legacy of Airmanship and Experience
NTSB Board Running Out Of AirCrash Investigator Expertise
Bad Maintenance Can Affect More Than Just the One Jet
Airbus on the Safety Risks of 207 Minute ETOPS
Sharjah Kish Airlines Crash a Replay of Luxair F50 Crash
Fuel Tanks Finally To Be Inerted - 7 Years Hence
Taxiing - the Final Challenge
IATA to Set up African Air Safety Body
Midair Collision Crash report blames SkyGuide, the Controller and Russian pilots
The Aviation Safety Situation in Alaska

NTSB Says AA587 Jet Type may contain Design Flaw

AIr Malta A320 Ground Tower Collision Down to Negligence
Another Auckland Tail-strike
Another Egyptian Charter Airline Fire Scare
After Sharm el-Sheikh, Charter Flight Safety's Under the Microscope
NASA Struggles to Regain Safety Momentum
Was it the Missing 727 that Crashed at Benin?
The Inbuilt Perils of RVSM
A Scathing Condemnation of NASA's Space Shuttle
How far has maintenance come?
FEDEX and Pilot Fatigue
The Trouble with Cockpit Doors
GAO Reports on FAA Probity (a Collation)
Beech 1900D Changes Forced after Second Accident
FAA Continued To Ignore Congressional Air Safety Concerns
The NTSB's Most Wanted Aviation Safety Improvements (Recorders)
Latest CVR Developments

The Origins of the Sacrificial Glove Concept

Shuttle Cause and Effect Imagery
Do the CAIB's Recommendations Address both Cause and Effect
UK Govt Responses to Parliamentary Inquiry on Aviation Safety
The Safety and Security Case for Closed Circuit TV on Airliners (Menu)
The IASA Idea that Flew
The Proposed Shuttle Columbia Fix
Cause and Circumstance - Think Like an Air Safety Investigator
A Warning to Travelers - on Hotel Fires
FAA Reports Runway Incursion Numbers Down - A False Dawn?
FAA Urged to Ratchet Up Maintenance Oversight
Charlotte Beech 1900D Accident - Wrong Weight or Wrong Rigging?
An Icelandair 757-200 Close Call
An Air Safety Retrospective
Don't Shoot the Messenger - a NASA Lesson Learnt
The Flames were 20cms High - and then the Windscreen Exploded
1200Meters Required / 700Meters Available
MD-11 Overrruns on Arrival JFK
When the Airplane Forgets How to Flare
More on the YAK42D Crash in Turkey
The YAK42D Crash in Turkey (26 May 03)
Senator Wellstone Crash - NTSB gives Factuals
NTSB gives Factuals on Air MidWestern Beech 1900D Crash in Charlotte
A Weighty Problem - Pax are Off-Scale Heavy
School for Tinkickers
Bureaucratic Inaction Behind the Luxembourg Fokker 50 Crash
Makeshift Shuttle Alert System Failed
How the Black Boxes Work Part Two
Nasty Singapore Airlines 747-400 Tailscrape Photos
US Attorney Re-Opens Alaska 261 Criminal Investigation
NASA Pondering Five Changes to the Shuttle
NASA Agrees on Leading Edge Event for Columbia's Hot Air Leak
Two Severely Stuck Aviation Behemoths
Shuttle Investigators Closing In
NASA Knew, They Worried, They Did Nothing
Intimidation in Aviation
Shuttle Contractors under Scrutiny
So Was It the RCC Leading Edge? The Graphics
The Columbia precrash NASA Memo
Earlier Tank-Foam Related Tile Failures Brought Warning Memo from NASA Engineer in 1997
A Failure of Design and Certification Testing (of 34 years ago)
The Failure of ATOS (the Air Transportation Oversight System)
Found After Two Days - Peruvian F-28 Crash-Site
Turkish Pilots were Flying Blind Below Minimum Descent Altitude
Weight and Balance of Charlotte Beech 1990D an Issue
Turkish RJ-100 Crash Imagery
Turkish RJ-100 Crash kills 75
The Melilla Crash - A Spanish Fokker 50 of Nostrum Air
The Air Transat A330 Fue Loss Story Reviewed
Namibian Mid-Air (737 versus Cessna 404)
A Policy Change on ETOPS
The CROW HAMMER Wake Turbulence Effect
Another Uncommanded Yaw for the A300-600 (Flt AA068 on 03 Dec 02)
The FAA's Story on their Role in Alaska 261
The NTSB Findings on Alaska 261 (and the FAA Denial)
The Failsafe Jackscrew - Air Safety Week (pdf file of 650kb)
The Failsafe Jackscrew - Air Safety Week (AMFA and ALPA opinions on AK261)
The Failsafe Jackscrew - How it Could Have Prevented AK261
The Failsafe Jackscrew- Safety Through Redundancy
The FAA/NTSB Study on Certification Woes
FAA being Sued by Emery DC-8 Crash Victim's Family
The Other Side of the Floating Boeing Story
The Strange Case of the Floating Boeing
The Manila Bay F-27 Crash
Hard Lessons in Airliner Maintenance
Alaskan 261 Jackscrew Maint and Design at Fault - NTSB
Fokker F50 Crash Luxembourg - Tracking Down a Cause
NTSB Grapples with Flight AA587 Probe
A Perilous Parallel to AA587
The AA587 Hearings Begin- Composites not Guilty
Some AA587 Skullduggery - the A300-600 DFDR's Deficiencies were approved
AA587 Fin Loss - The Rudder Can Do it
The Epileptic Polka - AA587 Accident Theory (cont'd)
More AA587 Accident Theory
A Story of Flawed Maintenance
Determinations on the German Midair
Relevant to AA587? Boeing Limits Liability Page Two
Russian Midair Pilots Confused by Swiss ATC
IFSD - Not an Open and Shut Case
The China Airlines 747 Breakup - and The Fluid Hammer of Aloha
Maintenance Error - How Large Does it Loom?
So When is a Fire Really a Fire - The BA 747 Cargo Hold Fire ex Sydney
China Airlines 747 CVR says very little about its Breakup
A Credible China Airlines 747 Breakup Theory (Four Pages)
CVR TRanscript of "Midair over Germany" Crash
Moscow IL-86 Crash
Singapore Airlines suspends the Pilots after another Taipei Hit
Throwaway Planes and Throwaway Pilots - The C130-A Tanker Crash (4 pages)
ATC partly to blame for SAS MD-87 Crash in Linate Italy
SQ006 Pilots Fired
Fatigue Cracks Found in Taiwanese 747 Wreckage
Why Ruin a Good Aviation Story with Facts?
Towards the "More Electric" Aircraft
Midair over Germany
A CI-611 China Airlines 747 Crash - Not the Cargo Door
A CI-611 China Airlines 747 Crash-Cause Opinion
The Air Transat Double Flame-out Report
An Attempt to Emulate the SQ006 Closed Runway Disaster - UPS896
The NTSB Report on UPS896 (Closed Runway Take-off at Denver 25 Sep 01 (download Word Doc)
A TWA800 Repeat?
Pilots Still Feel Pushed
ICAO Chapter 13 - on Accident Investigation
AK261 had no grease on its Jackscrew Jackscrew History Jackscrew Problems
Singapore Airline's 747 Crash Report (two almost opposing views)
The Hearings on FAA Oversight (from the AMFA Perspective)
The Emery DC-8 Accident Hearing is to be Public
FAA Airline Oversight Worse than Before => say their own Inspectors
Accidental Aftermath - "While the Dust Settles"
Crash Probe Triggers Rudder Design Scrutiny
American Harassing A300-600 Pilots over Public Grounding Demand
ETOPS for the Boeing 777
Air Passenger Death Statistics
Foolish Runway Stopping Philosophies
Boeing 737 Rudder Lawsuits
FAA orders inspections on 737 center fuel tanks
Loss of Control in Large Airplanes
Boeing appeals crash ruling
Airbus in fear of full emergency test
Air transportation - aircraft safety
Airlines Bolster Fire Safety On Old
The Alaska Airlines crash: signs point to a wider crisis in air safety
Sampling of Alaska Flt 261 Accident Observations and Recommendations from the Enders and Hendricks
Alaska's World Features
CASA Air Safety Recommendation Nos
MD-80 JackScrews and Suchlike
The TWA800 Precursor Report that Boeing forgot to mention
Uncontained Disc Failures
Outward-Opening (non-plug) Cargo Doors
Uncommanded 747 Cargo Door Opening
Code-Share Dilemmas
Record compensation for relatives of Concorde dead
Concorde: For the Want of a Spacer
The crash of a Korean Air jumbo jet that killed 228 people
NASA calls the failures in computers that are critical for flight a "Digital Upset"
Dreadle - A Runway Incursion Solution
Dreadle 3 - A Runway Incursion Solution
"I do want to ask you if the EVAS would have helped Urs Zimmermann?"
Dangerous levels of pilot fatigue developing
FBI talking to Alaska workers here
Fly Faster to Avoid Accidents
French Concorde's still grounded
Fueled again - the Gimli Glider
GulfAir 072 - the Pitch-Up Illusion
Seven dead in KAL MD-11 Crash
Laptop Electrical Safety (Airborne)
Fire Drill Delayed Inspection Of Concorde Runway  
NASA-FAA Industry Roundtable
FAA to issue strict fuel-tank safety rules
Osprey General - a Menu of Mismanagement

Some Opinions - as highlit

AVweb: Rain In The Desert
FAA Mandates 737 Rudder Change
Stay of Execution
Personal Respiratory Protective Devices (Smoke Hoods)
CONCORDE SST : Accident Report
An ALPA Statement on Egyptair 990
Popularity of ultralong flights raises new safety concerns
VIOLENT VIBES (flutter phenomenon in structural composites]
Air Crashes of note
Valujet 592 Trials
AK261 Crash - Indicative of a Wider Problem
A Comparative Measure of Aviation Safety

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