Thrust Reverser falls off Lufthansa 747F in Frankfurt

Frankfurt - A thrust reverser broke off a jumbo jet while it was landing Sunday 20 May 2007 at Frankfurt international airport in Germany, but the plane came to a safe stop. Police said it was not known at first why the device, part of the left inboard engine, had detached itself. The Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 cargo jet was arriving on a flight from Dubai.

The pilot only noticed a jolt, but a flight-control tower officer saw the 6.41 am incident and immediately closed Frankfurt's south runway for the debris to be cleared, police said.

Other take-offs and landings proceeded with no delays, airport officials said.

Reverse-thrust ducts are used to direct power forward and reduce a jet plane's speed after it touches down.
The images below are of an RB211-524 on a B747-200.
Many years ago BWIA lost a thrust reverser off a Tristar on take off from FRA. There was a big stink because they diverted to LHR so they could go into the BA hangars to get it fixed. It hit the horizontal stabilizer on the way out.
  Flight:   (CX) Cathay Pacific Airways 67   Date:   May 20, 2007 Status:   Unknown Status Duration:   6h 25m Extended Details Equipment:   74F    


Airport:   (DXB) Dubai Airport
    Dubai, AE Airport Information
Scheduled:   Sun - May 20, 2007 02:25 AM Performance Scorecard
86 F (30 C)


Airport:   (FRA) Frankfurt International Airport
    Frankfurt, DE Airport Information
Scheduled:   Sun - May 20, 2007 06:50 AM Performance Scorecard
66 F (18 C)