Another Taxiway Landing
On Tuesday the 21st of February, an A340 from TAP (Air Portugal - either Flt 6077 or 185) landed on a taxiway at SBGR  (Guarulhos, São Paulo).
TAP A340 landing on the real 27R

Looking along runway 09


This incident is being investigated by the Brazilian authorities.

A lot of contributing factors can be advanced: Recent Rain; height of the sun and it's direction at the time; ILS u/s; VOR u/s; phraseology (Brazilian Portuguese).
The aircraft was inspected on site and was given an OK.

The crew are suspended until the conclusions of the investigation. It was an A340 from TAP Portugal. Crew has been suspended.
TWR instructed them, at the last moment, to "go around" in Brazilian Portuguese. However, go-around in Portuguese is a totally different word.

Confirmation of the incident from a pilot from Sao Paulo...

Indeed it happened during a planned landing Rwy27R. The TAP A340 landed on Twy B...after refusing to accept that (and/or later insisting that he's not been given) any instruction to go around. Both pilots were dead headed back to Portugal and removed from duties pending further investigation. It was indeed a very serious incident, as there was an American or United aircraft taxiing back on the same taxiway. Damage happened only to the understrength taxiway - which isn't prepared for landing shock loadings [much less that of an A340...]
As for the causes, ..It was daylight good visual at the time, and even though, there was allegedly bad sun glare on final approach

All photos above are looking up the approach (to the SE) - except the Google Earth satellite image.


From the Google image you can easily see that in low visibility the very significantly displaced threshold of r/way 27L could lead to an honest mistake - i.e. you see just the squared (not curving) taxiway threshold and the real 27R threshold to its left (although it wasn't low visibility - just sun-glare - it nevertheless has the same effect, particularly if the sun-glare is exacerbated by a wet reflective runway & taxiway in the late afternoon).