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"Aviation security is that thick veneer of reassurance overlaying airline safety that says: "The efforts of Man in addressing risks and making flying as operationally safe as possible shall not be undermined by any persons attempting to create a flight hazard. The task of ensuring aviation security requires constant vigilance, initiative, sound judgment and attention to detail."

A Tribute to the 
United States Fallen

The People Portal II Full Body Scanner

The Frequent Traveler Pass Purchase
FAA Equips its Aircraft with Anti-Missile Systems
An Easy Cockpit Invasion and Hijack
They can Scan Detect Liquid Explosives
10 Aug 06 and the Terror Threat to Airlines is Still There
Fliers headed to USA face scrutiny
Doubt about the Possibility of Mounting an Airborne MANPADS Defense
There's an Axeman Aboard
Air Marshalls at Risk
Airliners that Mistakenly Landed at the Wrong Destination
Should US Airliners be MANPADS Countermeasures Equipped?
Down the "No-Fly List" Security Rabbit-hole
Air Marshals are Falling Short of the Task
Object to TSA's Sharp Objects Change of Rule
WhiteHouse Supports Air Marshal Fatal Shooting
Increasing Security in BizJets
Airliners now to Trial Manpads Missile Defences
The Complexities of Civil Counter MANPADS Defences
That False Sense of Security
New Australian Airport Security Plans
Anti-ManPADS Missile Equipment Tests to go Ahead
The Dittman Demeanor - an FAA Official is hand-cuffed
Turning Back the Tourists
Disarm Manpads Missile Threat Pilots' Union Pleads
After 8 Months, TSA Chief is Asked to Quit
UK Aviation Security Rules Relaxed
Aviation Terrorist Acts - The Worst
New Sept 11th Report Cites Stern Warnings to FAA about Potential Hijackings
No Anti-MANPADS Measures say Congress - "Too Costly"
You've Heard the Hype - But are the Realities of the Laser Threat?
Laser-Aimed Rifles, and Gun Nuts (the Threat to Aircraft)
Big Guns - .50cal Rifles, Laser Sights and their Threat to Airliners
LASER Threat - FBI Warns Pilots to Look Away from Unexpected Light
The Origins of the Green Laser Strikes on Pilots of Late
TV Stunguns -that can Cine Your Shocking Experience
French Police Lose Their Plastic Explosives in an Unknown Passenger's Baggage
TASER Stun Guns Approved for Some US Airlines
GulfStream Offers VIPS protection from Missile Attack
The Russian TU-134 & TU-154 Downings
Disinformation is all Part of the "Fog of War"
Airmarshalls Required to use Discount Stopover Hotels
Cockpit Door Security Monitoring Systems
Small Plane Theft Threat Rate Rises
But What was in Place Before? Canada Airport Security
911 Hijackers Used Mace and Knives (911 Inquiry)
FAA Considered Suicide Hijackers "too hard a problem" (911 Inquiry)
Cargo Planes are the US Threat
Only 5% of Pax Airliner Cargo Bay Cargo is Screened
The TSA Struggles for Credibility -Two Years On
The Near Downing of a DHL A300 by MANPADS Missile
The Safety & Security Case for Closed Circuit TV in Airliners (menu)
Is Your Airliner Missile Ready?
The MANPADS Solution (Northrop Grumman's LAIRCM) - fatally flawed?
The MANPADS Missile Threat
A Reliable Baggage Explosives Detector at Last?
The Shoulder-Fired Missile Threat Increases
Alert for Bombs in Checked or Unchecked Electronic Devices
US Airline Security now Focuses on IED's in Electronic Devices
International SkyMarshals
TSA Sackings and Resignations
727 Disappears and the World Wonders and Waits
Man charged over QANTAS Hijack Attempt
Continually Stabbed QANTAS Crewman Kept Tackling 717 Hijacker
QANTAS 717 Crew Stabbed During Hijack Attempt
House Criticizes Airline Security and TSA
Two Pax Sue over Secret "NO FLY" List
Are Shoulder-Fired Guided Missiles a Real Threat - Part Two
Are Shoulder-Fired Guided Missiles a Real Threat - Part One
Uncle SAM Thwarts SAMS

Armed Guards for UK Flights

Leave all Baggage Unlocked says TSA

The anti-SAM Initiative
Israel Now into Emergency Production of Airliner Missile Defence System
Israel's El Al Airliners have a Missile Defence System Fitted
US Senators want Urgent Protection against MANPADS Missiles
The MANPADS Threat has Now Arrived
Shouldering Responsibility for the MANPADS Threat
Security Bill Extends Screening Deadline by 12 Months
US$40K for a Secure Cockpit Door??
Saudi Hijacker faces Extradition and Decapitation
Delta Jet's Security Scare Turned out to be an Electrical malfunction
Armed Saudi Hijackers Foiled by Guards
Admiral Loy Says Some Security Rules are "Stupid"
Admiral Loy's Statement (as New Head of the TSA)
Bullet-Proof Cockpit Doors
Armed Pilots were Banned by the FAA Two Months Before 911
Air Marshalls are Quitting
Airlines Warned About Impostors in Stolen Uniforms
So, Is the TSA a Failure?
Air-Rager Storms SAA Locked Cockpit Door
UA Plane Diverts in Package Scare
TSA's Magaw Unfazed by Angst over Security Deadlines
US Expands Use of Air Marshals
Explosives Detectors Failing
Security Screeners get Whistleblower Status
American Airline Head says "Too Much Security"
Anti-Terrorist & Aviation Security Streaming Videos (Real-Player)
Taiwanese 747's Recorders Located - Theories abound
Airlines Were Told of Threat before Sep 11th
Will StunGuns be safe for aircraft avionics?
Pax Smuggling by Airline Guards Feared
Reporter finds Huge Holes in Prague Airport Security
An FAA Inhouse Scandal
Checking Out the Checkpoints
No TSA-Trained Screeners yet in Place (April 02)
Tiny Cabin Security Cameras now in Use
Flight Attendants Question Ground-crew Security Checks
Pilots with GUNS
FAA Red Team.
Anti-terrorist cockpit doors 'dangerous'
Body Scanners
Is it necessary for X-ray machines to look underneath everyone's clothing to increase security?
Probe into Heathrow 'security breach'
Aviation Security Legislation Conference
In every issue of ASI we record incidents of hijacks, attempted hijacks, air rage, sabotage and airport attacks. Scroll down into history.
FAA seldom punished violence
DOT Puts Safety And Security Top Of The List
Insecure security
Bush Installs Magaw As Head Of Transportation Security
Take over security, pilots urge Ottawa
FAA Culture of Bureaucracy Stymies Security Reform Efforts, Critics Say
A Gap in Aviation Security
International Aviation Body Pledges Increased Security And Safety
Security poor at international terminals
The Push for New Airport Security Tech
Current Equipment Outdated Against New Threats
Airport workers face stiffer FAA rules
Just How Secure are the Airports?
Senate Passes Aviation Security Bill
FAA's silly rules did exactly nothing to stop the hijackers
Airlines fought security changes
ACAP Directors Message
The RoboLander Menu
The Rapid Response Team for Aircraft Security gave the following report on ways to improve airplane security to Secretary of Transportation Norman Y Mineta on Oct1
The ALPA Response
Rapid response teams on airport and aircraft security formed after the terrorist attacks of September 11
Making Planes Safer by Making Fuels Safer
Holes in US airport security
Identity theft easy for terrorists
Israeli Pilot Says Air Threats Ignored
Too timid on air safety
Cockpit Door Fix neither Cheap nor Straightforward
The Key to Restoring Public Confidence in Air Travel
Informed Debate (on RoboLander)
The Great Debate (on RoboLander)
Gunning for Terrorists
Classic Airliner Technology Developments that support the RoboLander Concept
An Open Letter to the FAA Administration (.rtf format)
GUNs, GUNs, GUNs (pilots packing arms - a discussion pro and con)
The ENEMY Within
Exemplifying that important distinction between TERRORISM and Civilisation
Nominal, Notional and Minimal
Airports in Danger
Airport Magazine - FAA Administrator Jane Garvey
FAA Orders Heightened State of Airport Security
Airport Security Measures for DIA Employees

American Association of Airport Executives

Proposal to Amend Airport Security Programs regarding new methodology for determining airport categorization

Airport Security's Weak Link Being Improved By Embry-Riddle's Researchers
Airport Security Slammed - A Litany of Disturbing Security Breaches
FAA Investigates Security Lapses At Newark International - 9/13/96
Security lapses exposed - Airport security is failing to deter the terrorist
FAA’s Actions to Study Responsibilities and Funding for Airport Security and to Certify Screening Companies
Responses of Federal Agencies and Airports We Surveyed About Access
Security Improvements
International Airport Security Measures In The Wake Of The Terrorist Bombings In Africa
World Watch Monitor
FAA Rules May Prompt Confusion, Delays
Action Likely on Long-Proposed Airport Security Plans
Security tightened at U.S. airports
Hijackings and aviation safety
Intelligence quandary: spies or satellites?
Security now top airport priority
Security Aloft
Security Experts Knew a Major Attack Was Possible
Ottawa to rate impact before aiding airlines
Report of the President's Commission on Aviation Security and Terrorism
Security at Domestic Aviation Facilities
EyeTicket Corporation and Frankfurt Airport to Begin EyePass ™ Evaluation Program.
CSTPV Publications - Terrorism
Fuel Flammability, Flight Path Coercion and Technical Security Analysis
U.S. Transportation Secretary Mineta Announces
Rapid Response Teams on Airport, Aircraft Security
FAA, Airlines Stalled Major Security Plans
Top FAA security official leaving agency
  Keep 'em Flying: A Few Simple Steps Could Lure Americans Back Onto Airlines
Capt. Duane Woerth's Testimony Before the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, U.S. Senate, on Aviation Security

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