High-Powered Gun Nuts and Laser Sighting

If you look at the highlights in the two articles below and then review the advert following, you can see that a LASER-equipped rifle with telescopic sights on a stable bipod would have no problem tracking an aircraft cockpit at finals speeds. On a high-power rifle as well? Of course....

Whether just gun nuts or Al Qaeda, the potential to easily do harm is there. The equipment sold at www.lasershoppe.com  is readily available for precision inclusion onto rifle rails.

Posted on Sat, Jan. 01, 2005


Pilots worry that they are laser beam targets

The Associated Press


WASHINGTON — Pilots from time to time encounter laser beams that stray into the cockpit on approach to an airport, but a recent rash of such incidents — at least seven since Christmas — has them worried about an organized effort to take down airliners.

Though there have been no reports of accidents caused by lasers, they can temporarily blind and disorient a pilot and could lead to a plane crash.

The FBI is investigating whether the incidents are pranks, accidents or something more sinister.

Federal agents are looking into two incidents in Colorado Springs, Colo., and one each in Cleveland, Washington, Houston, Teterboro, N.J., and Medford, Ore., according to law enforcement and transportation officials, some of whom spoke only on condition of anonymity.

Scientists discount the possibility that pilots are merely the victims of a popular new Christmas toy or jokesters toying with a $19 laser pointer from an electronics store.

Loren Thompson, who teaches military technology at Georgetown University, said a piece of equipment that could do the things the FBI is investigating would be “fairly expensive and fairly sophisticated.”

He characterized it as a reasonably powerful visible light laser that can lock onto a fast-moving aircraft. “That’s not the sort of thing you pick up at a military surplus store,” he said.

Law enforcement officials say they have no evidence of an organized effort to take down planes. Further, they say they’ve had reports of similar incidents since the technology became popular.

But a memo sent to law enforcement agencies recently by the FBI and the Homeland Security Department says there is evidence that terrorists have explored using lasers as weapons, though there is no intelligence that indicates they might use them in the United States.

Pilots and safety officials have long been concerned about the dangers of lasers used in light shows or to attract the public to an event.

Hundreds of cases of lasers shining into pilots’ eyes have been reported over the past decade; in several, the pilots sustained damage to their eyes.

Most recently, a pilot for Delta Air Lines reported an eye injury from a laser beamed into the cockpit while approaching the Salt Lake City airport in September. The plane landed safely.

The Food and Drug Administration, which regulates laser light shows, consults with the Federal Aviation Administration when someone wants to operate a laser outdoors near an airport. The FAA recommends the maximum safe level of laser light exposure for pilots maneuvering near airports.

An FAA-commissioned study released in June acknowledged the possibility that terrorists could use a laser to attack an aircraft — and that it would be hard to detect and to defend against.

“A sufficiently powerful laser could cause permanent ocular damage, blinding crew members and make a successful landing virtually impossible,” the report said.

Rob Sproc, a pilot who serves as vice president of the Airline Pilots Security Alliance, says pilots should have heard about the recent laser incidents from the government, not from the news media.

.50 cal Rifles banned in California   (link)     Seven incidents within six days   link
Mon Jan 10 2005 09:07:07 UTC+1
While on the way home tonight I heard a 60 Minute Interview concerning a civilian rifle that is mainly used for the military. It goes on to talk about how the gun is no more of a threat than any other gun yet this rifle can shoot from 2000ft. and still pierce armor like a knife though warm butter.

There were reports that they tried this theory of sniper vs. a/c at LAX and said that passengers/pilots that are either parked or taxiing can be hurt/killed with a gun of this type.

Big Rifle A Terrorist Tool?

(CBS) California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger decided there's a weapon that's too dangerous to be in the hands of private citizens.

This past week, a new law went into effect in California banning that weapon. It's the .50-caliber rifle, the Rolls Royce of sniper rifles. It's a big gun, a favorite of armies around the world, and it's still available in 49 states in this country to anyone over 18 with a clean record.

It is, without a doubt, the most powerful weapon you can buy. And, as Correspondent Ed Bradley reports, it's powerful enough to kill a man or pierce armor from more than a mile away.

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MAK-90 Fiberforce Stock

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One-inch rings included.

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