A Note From The IASA Chairman:
 IASA wishes to extend our technical expertise, as well as our unending support to all those touched by the horrific tragedy that has befallen the United States.
Although this nightmare has been perpetrated on United States soil, it effects each and every free nation on this planet. At this time, like no other in our history, we need to take stock in the future and set aside our personal feelings of rage, grief and horror in order to work in a productive and forward thinking way, in the hopes that something such as this can never happen again.
It is a Wake Up Call for all those in "power", to start thinking in a proactive way, rather than a reactive way.
On a more personal level, my family (both within IASA, myself and my children) wish to extend our deepest sympathies to all those killed in this (yet another) needless and senseless fashion, and our sincere condolences to all of those left in the wake of this nightmare, as you begin the process of crawling forward.
If we can be of any assistance to those of  you so deeply effected by this tragedy please know we are here, and understand very well what you must be enduring at this most difficult time.
God Speed,
IASA/US (International Aviation Safety Association)
Wife of Raymond M. Romano
Passenger on swissair Flight 111

Seat 9F

IASA Statement on the 11 Sep 01 Atrocities

Click here for IASA's suggested solution to the Unlawful Interference Security Problem

Rest in peace all crews, passengers and victims of fanatical terrorists on Tuesday 11 September 2001.


To New York's finest, who went in harm's way and made the ultimate sacrifice for loyal duty

 - no words will ever suffice

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