This Topic is relevant to the whole fleet

The wings and the trimmable horizontal stabilizer (THS) store the fuel. The wings have inner and outer tanks.

Each inner tank contains one collector box, to keep a fuel reservoir for the normal fuel booster pumps and provide negative g protection. A standby pump sucks fuel directly in the inner tank.

Each collector box contains about 1150 kg of fuel.

Each inner tank is divided in two parts, one of which is enclosing the collector box. The division is fitted with a SPLIT valve. This valve is normally open and the inner tank used as a single tank.

If the flight crew suspects tank damage (FQI data lost or rapid FQI decrease following an engine failure) the SPLIT valve can be manually closed using a pushbutton on the overhead panel.

There is a vent surge tank outboard of the outer tank in each wing and on the right of the trim tank in the THS.

Holes in the tops of the inner tank collector boxes vent fuel to the inner-tanks.

When the aircraft has been refueled to maximum capacity, the fuel can expand by 2 % (20° temperature rise) without spilling.

There is an overpressure protector in each wing surge tank and in the trim surge tank.


VOLUME (liters) 3 688 x 2 42 194 x 2 6 121 97 885
(US gallons) 974 x 2 11 147 x 2 1 617 28 859
(KG) 2 895 x 2 33 122 x 2 4 805 76 839
(LB) 6 383 x 2 73 022 x 2 10 593 169 403

* Fuel specific gravity : 0.785 kg/l or 6.551 lb/US Gal.