Fire in the Sky

Canadian Transportation Safety Board
Home page for the Canadian Transportation Safety Board
Swissair 111 investigation
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
Home page for the US FAA.
National Transportation Safety Board
Home page for US National Transportation Safety Board
List of news releases.
International Transport Safety Association Home Page
An Association of Independent Transportation Accident Investigation Boards
Arc Tracking Wire Insulation Pyrolization
NASA report on arc tracking
Swissair home page
News releases
SR 111 index
Trans World Airlines
TWA home page

AWG Safety Resource Center
Aviation Week's Safety Resources page

Aircraft Wire Arc Tracking
Site is created "to inform the public about air safety or lack of air safety with respect to aircraft wiring." Created by retired Boeing aircraft engineer Patrick Price
Swissair Flight 111 Memorial
Romano page on the Swissair crash, creaed by a family friend
Pilot's view of Air Safety
A site on air safety created by a retired pilot.
Airline Safety Home Page
A site on air safety, the web creator states "that his bias is oriented along free-market lines. He believes in free and open discussion on the issues and that Government regulation and coercion usually makes things worse, not better."
More Swissair links (September 1998)

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