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[1] Sep 13, 1999 Air Safety Week
In-Flight Entertainment System Installation Found Deficient
Special Review Finds Oversight Lacking in Supplemental Type Certificate Process Satisfying the regulations and meeting the minimum standards did not prevent the installation of a system that was incompatible with an airplane's design philosophy. This is
[2] May 24, 1999 Air Safety Week
News Briefs
Media hit. The influence of the press on aviation safety policy is not new, according to Randy Johnson, a retired U.S. Coast Guard pilot who is now seeking a doctorate in telecommunications at Ohio University. In fact, press pressure caused officials to
[3] Dec 06, 1999 Air Safety Week
Famous First Words
A highly-pertinent example of the kind of hazardous infringements Aubury was talking about, and the need for competent and rigorous regulatory oversight, involves the installation of the interactive in-flight entertainment network (IFEN) in the Swissair M
[4] Oct 04, 1999 Air Safety Week
No Longer Valid
More than a year after Swissair Flight 111 crashed and some three months after action was recommended by a special review team, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) acted last week, prohibiting the installation on other MD-11s of the kind of interact
AT Special Reports - Interview with Ronald Wojnar
And show compliance with the rules by analysis and by testing, by reports, by installations; they´ll demonstrate to the FAA that they´ll comply with those rules. Wojnar: The electrical load analysis is done by the designer of the system and it is present
[6] Jan 04, 1999 Air Safety Week
'Within Seconds Something Very Serious Must Have Happened': Swissair's Chief Safety Pilot Says of Flight 111 Crash
Interview Reveals New Details Swissair's chief safety pilot, Capt. Juerg Schmid, was interviewed about the Flight 111 accident in the Dec. 24th edition of FACTS, a Swiss news magazine. The interview, conducted by editors Simon Hubacher and Tim van Bevere
AT Special Reports - Interview with Vic Gerden of the Transportation Safety Board of Canada about Swissair Flight 111
DE (cgi-bin/aviation/">David Evans, Air Safety Week): Might we start on a more personal note with your role here at the TSB, for instance when did you first hear about this terrible tragedy? Our practice is
[8] Oct 11, 1999 Air Safety Week
One man's pain; another's opportunity
Now that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has voided the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) regarding the in-flight entertainment network (IFEN) installed on MD-11 airliners, the entire process of Designated Alteration Stations (DAS's) might be
[9] Jan 24, 2000 Air Safety Week
No Link
This week a Swissair MD-11 will undergo a series of in-flight tests to determine the airflow pattern in the interior of the forward cabin and cockpit. A Swissair MD-11 was flown to Long Beach, Calif., and its in-flight entertainment network (IFEN) was re
[10] Aug 30, 1999 Air Safety Week
Safety Concerns Buffet Industry on Anniversary of Crash at Halifax
They had been lurking, literally out of sight and out of mind. The hazards out of sight involved the danger of electrical arcing from wire bundles, and the flammability of thermal acoustic insulation blankets. The issue out of mind was the lesson documen
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