Swissair Flight 111

 A Menued Compendium of Swissair 111 Report Articles
Swissair 111 Accident Lessons Learnt
The Fire Spread Simulation on Swissair 111
An analysis of the Swissair 111 Accident
In Flight Entertainment System Fire - Lufthansa 747
Gambling Aloft - the Lessons of Swissair 111
The Safety Managers Squabble over the Swissair Report Recs
A Swissair IFEN Replica Event
The Definitive Indepth Concise Analysis of the Swissair 111 Accident (1.16mb zipfile)
SwissAir 111 near repeat by Delta
IASA Input to FAA NPRM on ETOPS Regulation
Swiss Airline Chief Steps Down in Anticipation of Prosecution
NOVA (PBS) - Program Airing on the Deadly Legacy of Swissair 111
Awards go to TSB Swissair 111 Investigators
Swissair 111 Investigation Hamstrung by Underfunding and Under-Resourcing (FOIA reveals)
Swissair 111 Cranks up Fire Safety Research
TSB Criticized for Tardiness of their Accident Reports
That Swissair 111 Prior Flight Precursor Smell (HB-IWF)
TSB Closes its Books on the Swissair 111 Inquiry
A Commentary on the TSB Report on Swissair 111
TSB Raises Bar on Flammability Standards
NTSB Weighs Call for Recorder Backups - SR-111
TSB Sounds Alarm to Combat Inflight Fires
Flight SR-111 Prompts Scrutiny of Standby Systems
Lessons From The Swissair Crash
Smoke Source Sought in Swissair MD-11 Crash
FAA Questions Safety of Airframe Insulation Blanket
SR-111 Crew - Few Resources with which to Fight Fire
A Commentary on Four Swissair 111 Precursor Events
A 1996 Swissair 111 Precursor Event
The Inevitability of Swissair 111 - a TSB Report complete Analysis (illustrated pdf file)
The Inevitability of Swissair 111 - a TSB Report complete Analysis (html)
Latest News Articles on Swissair 111 Report (search result Newstrove)
Latest News Articles on Swissair 111 Report (search result google)
An Airbus A330-300 IFE Fire
It Was the Faulty Wiring
Swissair 111 -It Was Faulty Wiring
IFEN Found "not to blame" they now claim
Swissair 111 Pilots "Never Had a Chance" - Safety Board
A Summary of Post-SR111 Transportation Safety Board Safety Actions
Transport Canada on the TSB Final Swissair 111 Report
Press Articles on the Swissair Final Report
IASA Press Release on the Occasion of the Swissair 111 TSB Final Report Release
Swissair 111 TSB Final Report - First Impressions
Swissair 111 IFEN Debacle to be Investigated?
A Swissair 111 TSB Investigation Progress Report (pdf 430kb)
The Santa Barbara Defence of their IFEN -as an SR-111 Cause
Who is This Masked Man with the Insider Knowledge of the SR-111 TSB Report Processes?
SwissAir-111 TSB Crash Report Presentation 10am 27 Mar (video)
Mylar Blanket Replacement Problems
The GAO moves to investigate Aviation Contractors (an IFEN Result)
The SwissAir Wiring Video (CBC)- RealPlayer Required
The Post-Crash Safety Modifications to SwissAir MD-11's
The Reconstruction of Swissair 111
The Story Of Kapton Wiring (2.3mb Powerpoint download)
Swissair 111's Inflight Entertainment System - Strictly an Insider's Story
Swissair Ignored Warning of Imminent Collapse
Swissair Grounding Could Have Been Avoided
A Bankrupting Swissair Bent European Laws
An Index to "The Virgin Bus" Proposition
Swissair Crash Souvenir Sale by Halifax Local "Boggles the Mind"
Vox Populi on the Swissair Memorial
Condition of the Nova Scotian Swissair Memorial
MD-11's Slowly Going Out of Passenger Service
The TSB's Flight-Testing of an MD-11 SR111 Simulator
SonnenZeitung Article Allegedly Based upon the Canadian TSB Draft SR-111 Report English Version
The SR-111 Safety ScoreCard - Lessons Learnt so Far (4th Anniversary)
When Will the Families Get to see the Swissair 111 Crash Report?
Confidential Draft Swissair 111 Crash Report Distributed
What's Next for American Airlines?
A Review of the Swissair 111 Accident (what's known or suspected)
Swissair 111 Report Delayed Until 2003
Their Watchword Efficiency, Swiss Recoil at Air Disasters
Tim van Beveren on SR-111
The post SR-111 Swissair MD-11 Fleet Modifications - 3
The post SR-111 Swissair MD-11 Fleet Modifications - 2
The post SR-111 Swissair MD-11 Fleet Modifications - 1
The Swissair 111 Reconstruction at Shearwater Base Nova Scotia
Robin Williams (the Comedian) Sees the Unfunny Side of Fire in the Air
767-300 Cargo Hold Fire - Air Canada Flight 116 (13 May 2002)
A Swissair Flight 111 Lookalike Accident
Dec 2000 - TSB of Canada Interim Safety Recommendations
UAL 965 (Jan 98) - A Swissair Prelude? The UKAAIB Report on UAL 965
Swissair the Airline is no More - Gone with the Wind
Judge Giles on DOHSA for SR-111 Families
MD-11 Flight Crew Reading Light (Map Light) Installations
The Fire on board an American Airlines 767-233 on 12 Aug 1996
Fire in Baggage Compartment - Inter Canadien - Fokker F-28 MK 1000 C-FCRI - Jean Lesage International Airport, Quebec
05 December 1995
NEEDING A VIRGIN BUS ? - see the highlights

Aircraft Accident Report 5/2000 (EW/C98/1/3) -

Report on the accident to Boeing 767-322ER, N653UA at London Heathrow Airport on 9 January 1998 - Synopsis

Aircraft Accident Report 5/2000 (EW/C98/1/3) -Report on the accident to Boeing 767-322ER, N653UA at London Heathrow Airport on 9 January 1998
Security at safety's expense?
NTSB makes recommendations - More crew training, modifications needed
Safety report irks Swissair group
TSB Of Canada SR11 Safety Recomendations
The Kapton Wire Controversy

Plane wiring singed by watchdog's report Swissair 111 crash caused by wire fire, airline analyst claims HALIFAX

NTSB warns of possible fire hazard on 767s
The HK AAIB Report on the China Air MD11 accident: 
A Letter to Duane
The New SR MD-11 Cockpit contains
The Crash
Concern over the potential for catastrophic in-flight fires in commercial airplane cargo compartments
Jet's Troubled History Raises Issues For the FAA and the Manufacturer

Doomed pilots at odds. Cockpit recording shows co-pilot urged quick landing

Swissair Flight 111 UPDATE May 1st, 1999

In-Flight Entertainment System Installation Found Deficient

IFE System Banned on MD-11


IFEN FACTS for Swissair FLT 111
Flight and Cabin Crew Response to in-fight smoke
MD-11 Quality Assurance, Quality Control or Quality Quandary?
Origin of fatal Swissair fire continues to baffle investigators two years later
Crash probe reaches milestone

Responses to Original Swissair Accident Article

The MD-11 IFEN - an Ad Hoc Add-On
Note the second to last paragraph regarding the MD-11 IFEN

Two Reports UKAAIB and BASI. The same incident:  with and without vital detail

THE sr111 Update  #1 A Swissair Production
An Analysis of the Swissair Letter
Swissair Pilots Differed On How to Avoid Crash
Swissair cannot influence the course of these Accident investigations-lergible copy
Swissair cannot influence the course of these investigations
Multitude of causes lined up for crash of Flight 111 By Stephen Thorne
THE MD-11 Checklist - a SUMMARY
CHRONOLOGY-Swissair grounds fleet, looks for cash
Swissair 111 Timeline
sr111 - a summary of what's known
sr111 - a summary of what's known
Swissair widow shares grief with palliative care workers
Could the pilot have landed the plane?
Commentary on Swissair 111 causal factors related to CRM

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