The Swissair 111 MD-11 Reconstruction




When looking at the reconstruction imagery below, remember that there is heat, fire, submersion, impact and recovery damage. However some indicators are unique - such as the heat discolouration of metal. The obvious conclusion is that an accelerator (such as High Pressure Oxygen Flows) must have been latterly involved.
The MD-11 now flies in Swiss Colours
View to the ceiling in front of cockpit door,

from the forward galley. Note the heat and fire

penetration of the air ducts in the upper right

hand corner.


View towards the cockpit door and galley ceiling.

note the wire bundle at the right and soot in the



View into the cabin ceiling from the forward 

galley, facing to the right rear side. note the 

soot at the air ducts.



         View through the cockpit door 

       into the scattered cockpit of 

       HB-IWF. In the foreground: the 

        remains of the RH observer seat.


Samples showing the heat discolouration of metal 

as a function of heat and by time of exposure to fire


IFEN wiring by Hollingsead International in an SR 111 sister-ship


IFEN wiring by Hollingsead International. view into

the front ceiling facing towards the cockpit

bulkhead. Note the (green) track for the forward

right entry door. Note further the bend-radius of the

IFEN wiring (colored) with the OEM wiring turning

90 degree into the PVC tubes and further into the



Hollingsead International IFEN installation behind

the cabin ceiling in the first class compartment.

note the bend-radius and wire-routing across metal

edges and the tension on the wires at the lower

right hand corner connector box.


Left hand outside view of the reconstructed

cockpit of HB-IWF (at the CFB Shearwater hangar)


The cockpit overhead panel of HB-IWF. Note the

heat and soot penetration.


The right hand (F/O's side) circuit breaker panel.

Note the heat discolouration of the metal.


Arcing can generate heat in excess of several

thousand degrees Celsius



HB-IWF in the old Swissair colour scheme.